The 2nd annual Onvia survey of government contractors reveals trends and expectations that will help businesses selling into the government market understand the current environment and make better, more informed decisions. The 365 companies participating represent a broad range of industries and provide a unique source of insights and intelligence – both for the overall market and for specific industry groups. Our 2016 analysis looks at changes since the 2015 survey, expectations for future government sales activity, as well as the underlying trends, motivations or drivers that may be causing these changes.

In this edition, we feature the new Onvia Government Contractor Confidence Index which measures overall market potential. For a more balanced and comprehensive view of the market, the index is based on answers from four different survey questions about growth and agency budgets.

Readers of this report will learn:

  • How the market is expected to remain healthy and growth variances by industry
  • Why sales and marketing will be key to realizing the potential of this market
  • The ways the economy will affect business expectations over the coming year
  • Which contractors participate in efficient or alternative agency contracting methods
  • Important factors and trends expected to drive government sales growth

Decision makers at business to government (B2G) companies who download this report will have insight into the pulse of the market and learn what motivates government contractors in 2016-17.

Since 2000 Onvia has specialized in providing the data analysis and insights that government vendors and contractors in all industries need to win. Become a leader in B2G and download the report today.