Emerging from an uncertain election year, companies selling to the public sector report increased confidence in their expectations for sales growth in 2017-18. 424 companies who sell into the federal, state, local and education markets participated in Onvia’s 3rd annual survey of government contractors. This year's results help companies gain perspective about expectations for sales in the next 12 months while highlighting the positive drivers facilitating growth and potential constraints that could limit progress.

We continue to track overall confidence in the marketplace using Onvia’s Government Contractor Confidence Index (GCCI), which provides a balanced and comprehensive view of the market over time based on answers from four unique survey questions about growth and agency budgets.

This year’s edition includes a few new survey questions regarding potential business risks (such as a possible economic downturn) and the potential impact of pro-business policy changes in areas like tax reform and reduced or streamlined regulations.

Readers of this report will learn:

  • Why overall government contractor confidence is at an all-time high and how it compares with last year
  • Why expectations of the contracting market have improved in several key areas
  • How many businesses are forecasting sales growth and how much they expect their sales to increase by
  • How improving expectations for the economy and government spending are supporting a higher level of confidence
  • The top potential business risks and “pro-business” policy changes that, if they occur, could make a significant impact on sales

Business leaders in sales, marketing, business development and operations at companies pursuing public sector sales can request their complimentary copy of this report to better understand the pulse of the market and learn what’s motivating government contractors in 2017-18.

Since 2000, Onvia has specialized in providing the sales intelligence and insights that government contractors of all sizes and in all industries need to accelerate sales in the public sector. Become a leader in B2G and download the report today.