In an environment of greater uncertainty about the stock market and the direction of the economy, and with many governments facing fiscal challenges, companies selling to the public sector report a corresponding reduction in their expectations for sales growth in 2018-19. GovWin+Onvia’s 4th annual survey of government contractors is based on the overall market views from 337 companies who typically sell to state, local, education, and federal markets. This research helps companies develop reasonable expectations for sales in the next 12 months, while highlighting both potential factors for driving growth and constraints that could slow down progress.

We continue to track overall confidence in the marketplace using our Government Contractor Confidence Index (GCCI), which provides a balanced and comprehensive view of the market over time based on answers from four unique survey questions about growth and agency budgets.

This year’s edition includes a few new survey questions examining the importance of certain types of government purchasing, such as cooperative contracts.

Readers of this report will learn:

  • How many businesses are forecasting sales growth and how much they expect their sales to increase by
  • Why overall government contractor confidence has been reduced somewhat and how it compares with historical patterns
  • What companies are doing to become more competitive in this market
  • How expectations for the economy and government spending are affecting the overall confidence of contractors
  • How much of total government business revenue comes from five different types of purchasing and how important cooperative contracts are to a firm’s ability to grow its sales

Business leaders in sales, marketing, business development and operations at companies pursuing public sector sales can better understand the pulse of the market and learn what motivates government contractors in 2018-19 by requesting a complimentary copy of this report.

GovWin+Onvia specializes in providing the market intelligence and insights that government contractors of all sizes and in all industries need to accelerate their public sector sales. Become a leader in B2G and download the report today.